Prescription Drug Plans for Seniors

You should think about joining a Medicare Prescription insurance plan as soon as you are eligible, if you do not already have a credible prescription drug coverage as part of your Medicare plan. Joining a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan is best once you are first eligible as you may have to pay a late enrollment penalty if you decide to join later unless you have credible prescription drug coverage through an employer plan or the Veterans Administration (VA).

Prescription Drug Plans for Seniors

At American Health Services, we know that it is often a challenge for many seniors to pay for prescription drugs. Whether you are looking to change your current prescription drug coverage or you need a new plan, we can help. Our experienced insurance brokers can help you get the coverage you need.

Have high drug costs or unexpected prescription drug bills? Prescription drug plans help pay for prescription drugs and are available to everyone on Medicare. A monthly premium and a yearly deductible for the coverage is what most seniors have to pay.

What Is Medicare Part D?

At American Health Services, we can help you learn more about the individual plans we offer for Medicare Part D prescription drug plans. These plans provide prescription drug coverage to all Medicare beneficiaries. We can go over the associated costs and the prescription drugs that are covered.

People 65 years or older, those who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, and people under 65 with certain disabilities are eligible for Medicare and for Medicare Part D plans. It is necessary to have a Medicare Part A or B plan to join a Part D prescription drug plan. You are required to live in the service area or the area covered for the plan you wish to join.

Want to learn more about prescription drug plans? Let us help you get the affordable prescription drug coverage that you need to stay healthy. 

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