Affordable Senior Insurance Options

At American Health Services, we provide insurance for seniors throughout the State of Florida. We are dedicated to helping our customers throughout the entire process and understand their senior health insurance options. Our experienced team of insurance agents helps you select the coverage and plans that are right for you and your family.

Senior Insurance Services

Advocating for your health while building relationships that last for generations, our services aim to protect you and your family with options that you can trust and payments that you can afford. Our knowledgeable insurance agents offer a wide array of supplemental insurance giving you confidence that your are protected with any of the coverage options that you choose.

At American Health Services our customers receive a thorough understanding of all policies, benefits, and pricing options. When shopping with your senior insurance agent they should be able to answer these questions, if not you need to call our experienced insurance agents to get the right answers:

  1. Is your senior insurance provider licensed in the state in which you reside?
  2. Does your current policy have a waiting period for pre-existing conditions?
  3. How often does your plan premium increase?
  4. Am I free to visit any doctor or hospital for care?
  5. How does your policy compare with those offered by other providers?

For answers and solutions to the above questions, contact one of our senior insurance advocates for objective advice and guidance today.

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