Retirement Planning & Retirement Income Planning

RETIREMENT PLANNING is one of the main goals of most clients. The retirement planning process is aimed at answering that very important question:

Will I have enough money for my retirement?

Factors involved in determining the answer to that question include:

  • Life expectancy
  • Health during retirement
  • Diligence in saving over the years
  • Retirement income sources
  • Return on investments
  • Level of future inflation
  • Size of legacy desired
  • Keeping expenses low

American Health Services will work with you to answer this important question incorporating the factors listed above, and help you map out your retirement plan.

Retirement Income Planning

Do you have an effective income plan that will minimize your taxes and maximize your savings? 

Do you understand the most efficient way to live on your hard-earned money without having to give more back to Uncle Sam?

Do you understand how your income affects the taxation of your Social Security Benefits or the premiums you pay for Medicare?

Do you know where your income in retirement will come from?

At American Health Servies we will answer these questions and help you create and manage a tax-efficient withdrawal strategy tailored to your specific needs.  We will help you share in the collective knowledge of the many families we have successfully transitioned into retirement.  We will help you avoid any road blocks and guide you around the unique risks that are associated with retirement income planning. 

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